Create Custom Report - Multi-Module Reports

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone has begun deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" as of August 2022, continuing with the November '22 Release. See Deprecation of Custom Reports - Phase 2.

Custom Multi-Module Reports allow you to create a custom report that include fields from multiple different modules in a single report.

When configuring a Multi-Module report in the Custom Report Builder, the Fields panel displays a Module drop-down. The Module drop-down displays all modules that are available based on your permissions and your portal's configurations. Selecting a module displays all available field types from which you can select the desired fields for that module. Select a different module to display the fields that are available for that module.

The process of selecting fields, defining field filters, sorting, summarizing, etc., is the same as when creating other types of custom reports with the Custom Report Builder.

Competency/Performance Review Tasks Note: Multi-module reports for competency tasks and performance review tasks are associated only by user; they are not associated by task. If you are reporting on competencies assessed as part of review tasks, it is recommended that you use the Performance Review Report instead.