Create Custom Report - Field Options Drop-Down

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone has begun deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" as of August 2022, continuing with the November '22 Release. See Deprecation of Custom Reports - Phase 2.

For each field in the report preview panel, field configuration options are available in a drop-down. From here, you can add the field to the Field Filters, Sort, and Summary tabs. You can also delete a field and configure aggregate functions.

Field Options

The following options are available, depending on the field types:

Duplicate an Aggregated Field

Fields that are configured with aggregate functions (sum, average, minimum, max) can be duplicated in the report preview. This allows you to configure two or more aggregate functions for the same field. Note: Fields can only be duplicated up to the maximum number of aggregate options available for the field.

There are two ways to duplicate an aggregated field:

  1. Drag the aggregated field to a Type or drag a field here box. This duplicates the field and also automatically applies the next available aggregate option to the field.
  2. Type the field name directly into a Type or drag a field here box. This searches for the field and allows you to add the field from the search results. Once the field is added, the next available aggregate option is automatically added to the field.

When there are no additional aggregates left to add, the field can no longer be duplicated. An error message displays indicating that the field cannot be added and that you must remove all of the aggregates in order to add the field.