Color Palette

The color palette allows users to select the color used for color-coding the dimension that appears in the legend. When a chart is first created, the chart will appear in the default palette. Users can update the colors by using the color palette. This option is grayed out and not selectable until at least one dimension or measure is added to the chart.

To modify the color palette:

  1. Click the Palette icon . This opens the color palette pop-up. Note: The color palette is only available once a valid chart is created.
  2. You can select a color palette from the drop-down. Each color palette includes 50 predefined colors. By default, the first color in the plot point is the first color in the color grid, and so on.
    • Bold - This palette is selected by default. The colors in this palette have bold hues.
    • Neutral - The colors in this palette have neutral hues.
    • Pastel - The colors in this palette have pastel hues.
    • Custom - This options is available if you customize a palette to colors you have chosen.
  3. In the color palette pop-up, select the plot point in the left-hand column for which to change the color. The color can be defined for each plot point in the list. This opens a color selection pop-up.

  1. Click the desired color for the plot point. Or, customize the color on the More Colors tab.
  2. Click Apply to apply the color to the plot point. When a color is selected manually, the drop-down palette automatically changes to Custom if Custom was not already selected. Each plot point should be a different color. Note: If a different color palette is selected in the color palette drop-down after the plot point colors are customized, all plot point colors change to the default colors for the selected palette and any customized colors are lost.
  3. Click Save. This saves the color selections for the chart.

When creating the custom palette, the color selection is saved for the field in the legend and can be used again for a different chart. For example:

  1. Training Status is your legend and you decide to change the color palette to colors you have chosen.
  2. Once you click Save the colors you have chosen for Training Status are saved for you account.
  3. When you create a new chart that contains Training Status as the legend, you can now select Custom as an option in the color palette drop-down, and the colors you previously defined will now be set for your custom palette.
  4. One custom palette is available per field in the legend. In the example above, if you change the colors you previously customized for Training Status and click Save, your change will be reflected for this field and any previous color customization for Training Status will be overwritten by the most recent change.