Chart Output

Charts can be outputted on their own (without the report data) as a printable version and a .png image. Charts also display when viewing the report in Excel or the print output for the report. The menu in the upper-right corner of the chart allows users to print the chart preview or save the chart preview it as an image.

Note: The chart preview only includes the first 1,000 records.

To output the chart with the full data set, first design your chart, then save and close the report and the chart so that it can be queued up to run with the full data set.

Print Chart - Chart Menu

To print the chart, click Print Chart. This opens a printable view of the chart in a new window. The chart scales to fit the page. The chart title displays above the chart, and the key appears to the right of the chart. The chart can be printed using the browser's print options.

Save as Image - Chart Menu

To save the chart as a separate image that is accessible outside of the report, click Save As Image. The chart saves as a .png file.

Excel Output

The Excel charting features will be enabled for charts outputted in Excel. As a result, you will be able to manipulate the chart further using the Excel charting features. The colors selected in the color palette of the chart designer are not retained in the Excel output. Excel applies the default Excel colors to the charts outputted in Excel and cannot retain the palette colors from the chart designer. Chart colors can be modified using the Excel chart features.

Note: Reports containing more than 100,000 records will output in .csv format (instead of Excel). As a result, the chart will not be available in the Excel output for reports that exceed 100,000 records.

Chart Options

Chart Menu

From the chart preview on the Custom Report Builder page, you can access the chart menu to do the following:

  • Show Chart Labels
  • Print Chart
  • Save Chart As Image

Chart Data

Hovering over the chart displays the information for each area of the chart.

Disable Legend Data Points

For charts that contain a legend, the option to disable legend data points will also be available in this view. Disabling a data point from the legend removes the field from the chart, and the chart reconfigures without the disabled data point.