Create Custom Report - Overview

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone has begun deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" as of August 2022, continuing with the November '22 Release. See Deprecation of Custom Reports - Phase 2.

The Custom Report Builder interface is a one-page report creation process that includes the ability to preview report data while creating the report. Being able to preview the report as you select fields and filters enables you to redefine the report criteria as you go so that you can easily swap out unnecessary fields and define the filter options to quickly and accurately fit your custom reporting needs.

To create a custom report, go to Reports > Custom Reports. Then, click the New drop-down and click the name of the report type. This opens the Custom Report Builder page.

Feature Description
Report Title This field enables you to name the report. See Create Custom Report - Name the Report.
Close Click Close to close the report. If the report contains unsaved changes, then clicking Close opens a confirmation pop-up. The pop-up indicates that closing the report will erase any unsaved changes. Click Yes to close the report, or click No to cancel the close action. Note: Attempting to close the browser window has the same effect as clicking Close if there are unsaved changes to the report.
Save Click Save to save the report. This option is only enabled when the report contains unsaved changes. Clicking Save closes the report and returns you to the main Analytics page. The report displays in your list of reports in the reports table. Note: A report must include at least one field before the report can be saved.
Report Type Drop-Down The report type drop-down enables you to determine which type of custom report to create. See Create Custom Report - Select Report Type for additional information.
Report Folder Drop-Down The report folder drop-down displays the custom reports folder hierarchy and enables you to move reports into a designated folder. See Create Custom Report - Report Folder Options for additional information.
Fields Panel This panel enables you to select the fields to include in the report. See Create Custom Report - Select Report Fields for additional information.
Custom Report Panel

The following information displays in the Custom Report panel:

Refresh Click the Refresh button to manually update the report results in the report preview panel. When the report data is out of date, an Exclamation icon displays in the Refresh button to indicate that the report data needs to be refreshed. If the report data cannot be refreshed, a pop-up displays indicating that the results cannot be updated. See Create Custom Report - Preview.
Maximum Number of Records

Enter the maximum number of records that should be returned in the report. If the maximum is set to zero, then no limit is placed on the report. An Excel output accommodates 65,000 rows and the HTML Printable Version is only recommended when viewing less that 20,000 rows. The maximum value that can be entered is 999,999. See Create Custom Report - Preview.

As a best-practice, it is not recommended to place a value of zero in this field, nor is it recommended to put 999,999, as larger reports will experience a delay in processing or potential time-out error. This is because while the report may have 999,999 records, the quantity of Fields and Field Filters must also be calculated. If you experience an error in your report we recommend significantly reducing this field, running your report, and increasing if successful.


The following options are available in the Options button drop-down. The options are only available if the report is summarized and only apply to the printable and Excel versions of the report, as well as when the report is run.

  • Show/count unique rows only - Select this option to filter the summarized report results not to repeat report rows that display identical summarized information. For example, if a Transcript report only contains the field User Full Name, and the report results include 50 different users with the name Sample User, then checking the Show/count unique rows only will only display one row of name Sample User in the report.
  • Show record counts in report - Select this option to create a report that displays the record count for each combination of fields selected. For example, to determine the total number of active versus inactive training types in the catalog, check the Record Count box, then include the Training Active and Training Type fields in the report. The report displays a total count of inactive and active training types, listed by type.
  • Show report headers in report - Select this option to show the name of the fields in the header row of the report output.

The following actions are available in the Actions button drop-down:

  • Print - Click the Print icon to create a printable version of the report. This option only appears for users with permission to preview custom reports.
  • Export to Excel - Click the Export to Excel icon to export the report results to Excel. This option only appears for users with permission to preview custom reports.
  • Remove All Columns - Click Remove All Columns to remove all of the fields that you have selected for the report. This opens a confirmation pop-up. Click Yes to remove all fields in the report. This clears the report preview panel and all selections in the tabs above the preview. Or, click No to cancel the removal action.

When viewing a printable or Excel version of a report with more than 5000 records, only the first 5000 records display. If your report contains more than 5000 records, be sure to save the report in order to view all of the records. When custom reports are saved, they are subject to 30,000 records for printable version or 65,000 records for Excel.

See Create Custom Report - Preview.

Report Preview This panel enables you to view the report results based on the field, filter, sort, and summary selections. See Create Custom Report - Preview.

General Usability Information

  • Each panel of the Custom Report Builder interface can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the expand/collapse button on the top or side of the panel.
  • Each panel of the Custom Report Builder can be widened or narrowed. Hover the mouse over the expand/collapse bars. The mouse turns into a two-sided arrow. Drag the panel up or down to widen or narrow the panel.
  • The Save, Run, Print, Excel, and Refresh options are not selectable until at least one field is added to the report.
  • When a tab name displays in red, this indicates that an error has occurred on the tab. Click the tab name to view the tab and resolve the error.

  • The Custom Report Builder supports Internet Explorer 7 and higher.
  • Custom fields are only available for custom reports for users who meet the availability criteria configured for the fields.
  • Opening the Custom Report Builder from the Analytics page may take several seconds in order for the page to load.
  • Reports can be outputted to a printable view or an Excel version via the Actions button drop-down.

Steps to Create a Custom Report

The following are the steps for creating a custom report in the Custom Report Builder:

  1. Choose a report type.
  2. Select the fields to include in the report.
  3. Define the filters, sort, and summary options.
  4. Configure the sharing options.
  5. Schedule the report and configure the delivery options.
  6. Save the report.

Troubleshooting Information

The following page contains a quick reference card to guide you through the process of creating a custom report: