Copy Custom Report

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone will be deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" with the July ’21 Release. For more information, see the announcement in the August '20 release notes and in the August '20 Release Summary & Matrix.

When copying a custom report within the Custom Report Builder, the following information is copied:

  • Report folder location
  • Report type in the report type drop-down
  • Field types in the Fields panel
  • Filters defined in the Field Filters tab
  • Filters defined in the User/OU Filters tab (Note: When copying a shared report, the only criteria that are copied are the criteria that are available for the user with whom the report is shared.)
  • Data in the report preview panel
  • Sort configurations in both the Sort tab and the report preview panel
  • Summary configurations in both the Summary tab and the report preview panel
  • Currency options configured on the Currency tab


For users with permission to create a custom report, the Copy link will appear in the Actions drop-down on the Reports page in Analytics.

For users who only have permission to view a custom report, the Copy link will not appear in the Actions drop-down. This also applies to shared users of a report; if the shared users do not have permission to create the report, then they will not have permission to copy the report when it is shared with them.