Requisition Templates Page

The Requisition Templates page enables administrators to create and manage multiple requisition templates for a position. Each requisition template can have its own unique title and description. In addition, templates can be indicated as active or inactive and can be copied, edited, or deleted.

To access the Requisition Templates page, go to Admin> Tools > Recruit > Requisition Templates. This opens the Manage Position page. From the Manage Position page, click the Manage Requisition Template icon .

Feature Description
1 Add Template - The Add Template link enables administrators to create additional requisition templates for a position. Click the link to open the Create Requisition Template page. Note: To create requisition templates, you must have the permission to manage requisition templates. Note: The Add Template link is not used to create the first requisition template for a position. The first requisition is created by clicking the light gray Manage Requisition Template icon in the Options column on the Manage Position page.
2 Include Inactive - Check the box to display inactive templates in the Requisition Templates table. Note: If there are no templates in the Requisition Templates table, then the existing templates are inactive. You must select the Include Inactive box to view the existing templates for the position.
3 Requisition Templates Table - The following information appears for each template:
  • Template Title - This column displays the title of the requisition template. By default, templates display in alphabetical order.
  • Template Description - This column displays the description of the requisition template.
  • Active - This column indicates whether the template is active or inactive. The column displays "Yes" for active and "No" for inactive. Note: A template's active status is managed on the Create/Edit Requisition Template page.
4 Options - The following options are available in the Options column:
  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the template.
  • Copy - Click the Copy icon to copy the template. All fields from the source template are copied, except the Active field. Copied templates are active by default. For portals with multiple languages enabled, when copying a requisition template, all localized values are copied from the template if localized values are defined for the template.
  • Remove - Click the Trash Can icon to delete the requisition template. Templates can only be deleted if they have not been used in a job requisition. Deleted templates cannot be restored.

Click the Back button to return to the Manage Position page.