Requisition Templates Overview

Requisition templates enable an organization to predefine many of the information fields and preferences that make up a job requisition form, as well as control the experience had by a job applicant applying for a job opening. Templates also enable organizations to enforce a standard set of procedures across the organization as it relates to the job requisition management and hiring process.

Requisition templates are managed at the Position OU level. Because of this, the requisition templates functionality is integrated with the Manage Position OU functionality. Requisition templates are created and accessed from the Options column on the Manage Position page.

To access the Manage Position page, go to Admin > Tools > Recruitment > Job Requisition Templates.

Create/Edit Requisition Template

To create or edit a requisition template, click the Manage Requisition Template icon . This opens the Requisition Templates page, from which you can create a new requisition template or edit or copy an existing template for a single position.

For information about creating requisition templates, see Create Job Requisition Template.

Note: The permission to manage requisition templates is needed in order to create requisition templates. Depending on the constraints of the view and manage requisition templates permissions, it is possible that an administrator can only view the template for one position and manage another position.