Recruiting Module Overview

The natively social Recruiting Module integrates with the system's comprehensive talent management software suite, including the Learning Module, Performance Module, and Extended Enterprise Module. The solution offers integration options, such as with leading social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) and digital interviews with HireVue. The Recruiting Module also allows for the seamless comparison of internal and external candidates to effectively fill open positions, enable talent mobility, and build talent pools.

Along with the Recruiting Module, Referral Suite provides a robust set of methods for tapping into and hiring the best talent possible. With features and functionality that empowers employees to refer jobs to their internal and external contacts, Referral Suite vastly expands an organization's talent pool.

The Recruiting Module will allow organizations to:

  • Manage job requisitions.
  • Post jobs across both traditional job boards and social networks.
  • Interview applicants.
  • Create internal career centers and external career sites.
  • Manage and enhance employee referral programs.
  • Identify existing employee connections with candidates.
  • Quickly assess candidate skills and competencies.
  • Collaborate with hiring managers and employees throughout the screening process.
  • Search for and compare internal and external candidates.
  • Allow internal users and external applicants to refer opens jobs via social networks.
  • Empower recruiters to take advantage of their employee's contacts to source appropriate candidates for open positions.
  • Manage the offer process.
  • Build ongoing talent pools.
  • Efficiently onboard new hires and accelerate time to productivity.


Applicant - Any person who applies for a job.

Candidate - Any applicant that passes the pre-screening questions and has an active applicant status.

Employee - Any internal candidate or any external candidate that is hired.

Referral - Any internal user or external applicant who refers a job. Or, the actual job referral.

Recruiting Features

The following Recruiting module features may be available if enabled in your portal:

Feature Group Feature
Applicant Tracking Applicant Statuses (by Division)
Application Workflow Templates
Compliance Question Bank
Cost Field Management
Interview Guide Management
Manage Hired Applicants
Pre-Screening Question Bank
Requisition Templates
Offer Letter Management Offer Letter Template Management
Sourcing Career Site Management
Recruiting Agency Management