Internal Career Site (Early Adopter) - Overview

The Internal Career Sites allow employees to easily search for and apply to open jobs within their organization.

While setting up the internal site, administrators can upload a custom search banner and configure job search filters by requisition custom fields. On the Internal Career Site Preferences pages, administrations can configure the end-user site to display position OU details, competency information, recommend learning by competency assessment, and recommended learning by position OU. Additionally, administrators can enable users to apply for a position through LinkedIn and create a development plan. Recruiting clients can self-enable this functionality in Feature Activation Preferences.

Once the site is configured, employees can use the internal site to search for jobs. Internal career sites are mobile-friendly, so they can be viewed on smaller devices.

For details to set up an Internal Career Site, see Internal Career Sites - Administrator Settings.

For Recruiting clients who want to self-enable the Internal Career Site, see Internal Career Sites - Recruiting Feature Activation.