Edit Cost Field

A cost field can be edited before or after a cost is associated with it.

To edit a cost field, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Cost Fields. Then, click the Edit icon in the Options column in the Manage Cost Fields table. This opens the Edit Cost Field pop-up, from which you can edit the field. Editing a cost field is similar to adding a cost field. See Add Cost Field.

When editing a default cost field, only the title and active status can be edited. All other fields in the pop-up are grayed out and not selectable.

Confirm Edit Pop-Up

If a cost field has at least one associated cost, then the Confirm Edit pop-up opens when the Edit icon is selected. The pop-up indicates that editing a cost field that has at least one associated cost applies the changes to all requisitions to which the cost field is associated. You must click Continue to open the Edit Cost Field pop-up, or click Cancel to cancel the editing of the cost field.