QUICK START GUIDE - Uploading Courses via Course Publisher

  • Checklists are aids that help you review configuration settings and follow best practices prior to testing. Be sure to test the functionality fully in your Pilot portal before releasing to end users.
  • Cornerstone’s Course Publisher allows administrators to upload the following course types to their portals: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or AICC. This quick start guide will walk you through the steps to upload online course content using course publisher. For more information about Course Publisher requirements see Online Help.


ASSIGN PERMISSION Course Publisher, Course Publisher Update, Edit Online Course Providers. Users uploading courses must also have a content license to access Course Publisher.
GO TO CONTENT > COURSE PUBLISHER. Then, click the Create New Publication link.


BEST PRACTICES FOR uploading courses

  1. General
  1. File Types
  • The recommended file size for SCORM courses is a maximum of 250MB. AICC course formats may be batch uploaded with a maximum of 100 courses per batch.
  1. Testing
  • Always test the course in pilot. Always preview in production before publishing to ensure proper course behavior. Once published test using a learning assignment. Review and edit availability if applicable when ready to launch.
  1. Course Changes
  • Course files can be updated using a replace or reversion. Replace publication files are used when the course structure has not changed. Reversion is used when the structure of the course has changed (please see the quick start guide on updating content for replacing or versioning course files).


  1. Uploading a course
  1. Where
  • Click Course Publisher (usually found on Content Tab).
  • You must have a license to access Course Publisher. Publisher licenses are determined by contract and are assigned via the Manage Licenses sub-tab under Content.
  1. How
  • Select Create New Publication.
  • Enter Title, Description, and Provider for the course then click Next.
  • In order to facilitate future versions, name Course Publication name should match the course title used in the Course Catalog.
  • Select Choose File and select the appropriate .zip file for upload.
  • Click Upload File, then click OK.
  • If any errors are detected you will be able to review an error message for details.


  1. Previewing and publishing
  1. How
  • After uploading the course status will change to Pending Publish. Click on the Edit icon on the far right side of the screen.
  • You may have to refresh your screen to see the updated status by clicking on Refresh in your browser or pressing F5 on your keyboard.
  • Click on the Eye icon under Options to Preview
  • When finished previewing click on the Publish button.
  • Course will be published in the portal.



GO TO Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog and Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Assignment Tool



  • If the course needs to be searchable by users then you will need to edit the course in the Course Catalog. Access the Course Catalog and select initial settings such as subjects, recurrence options, mobile accessibility and availability.



  • After publishing there are additional steps that should be completed.
  • Test the course by assigning yourself or a test subject to the course via learning assignment, and test the course to completion to ensure completion is being recorded correctly and there were no errors during upload.