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Training Removal Tool

The Training Removal Tool page enables administrators to remove up to 20 training items from multiple users' transcripts at one time. From this page, administrators can also view the list of previously processed training removal jobs and view the details of each training removal job.

To access the Training Removal Tool page, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Tools > Training Removal Tool.

Create New Training Removal Job

Click the Create New Training Removal Job link to create a new training removal job. See Training Removal Job - Create.

For a list of training statuses which are eligible for removal via the Training Removal Tool, please see Training Removal Tool - Create - Step 3 - Status.

Manage Training Removal Table

The Manage Training Removal table displays previously processed training removal jobs. The following columns display in the table:

  • Previously Removed Training - This column displays the linked title of the removed training items and the associated learning object (LO) type icons. Clicking the training title opens the LO Details page for the training item. This column is sortable.
  • Create Date - This column displays the date and time at which the training removal job was submitted by an administrator. This field displays in the user's time zone.
  • Process Date - This column displays the date and time at which the training removal job was processed. The time displays in the time zone of the user viewing the page. This column also defines the sort order, from most to least recent training removal job. This column is sortable.
  • Created By - This column displays the name of the administrator who created the training removal job. This column is sortable.
  • Status - This column displays the current status of the training removal job. The following statuses may appear in this column:
    • Queued - The job has not yet begun processing or is currently processing.
    • Processed - The job has finished processing.
  • View Details - Click the View Details icon to open the Training Removal Details page. This column is not sortable. See Training Removal Details Page.

Restore Training

See Training - Restore to Transcript.


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