Troubleshooting Knowledge Base - Performance

With the Performance module, organizations can deliver ongoing feedback; align employee goals with organizational strategy; see and address skill and competency gaps; and use performance data to inform development, merit initiatives, and leadership planning.

The articles in this section relate specifically to our Performance module and have been compiled and written by our Global Customer Support team in response to actual client questions.

There are 5 different types of articles which may appear in this section:

  • How To Articles – give step by step instructions on implementing the features you need
  • Troubleshooting Guides – provide solutions to commonly asked questions
  • Configuration Guides – help you make choices that are the right fit for your organization
  • Product Spotlight articles – introduce great features you may have overlooked
  • Best Practice articles – help you to optimize your implementation using tried and true solutions

The following information is available within this folder. Click a link to navigate directly to the appropriate topic: