Product Spotlight - Top 10 Standard Reports

This article features ten standard reports that provide useful information to administrators in various formats. The highlights of each report are featured as well as their primary advantages over their counterparts within Cornerstone Custom Reports.

1. User's OU & Groups

This report displays all the Organizational Units, past and future, that a user had ever joined over a certain date range. The User's OU & Groups report is immensely helpful for tracking when and how often users move between OUs, and is the best report to determine Group OU membership over several groups.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Pulls information in real time (does not require a data warehouse refresh).
  • Ability to report on past OU Data, such a user's past Division and how long they were in that Division
  • Easiest way in the system to see which groups a user belongs to

2. Training Progress Summary Pie Chart

This report displays the Transcript Status of all users for one training title, and is available in a Pie Chart and Excel format. The permissions to run the report are often allocated to divisional administrators or managers due to its simplicity, processing time, and integration with dashboards.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • One of few reports that can use exception reporting - finding users who do not have a particular item on Transcript
  • Visual display allows it to be integrated in Dashboards, which can contain several of Training Progress Pie Chart Reports.

3. SCORM 2004 Course Progress Chart

This report is one of the few reports able to return data for Course Assessment data within Online Classes published within SCORM 2004.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Able to report on specific course related data, such as module completions and assessment scores
  • Four different output types are available within the report body

4. Enterprise Custom

This report returns a large data set for all transactions within the system, without restrictions. It is the most powerful and easy to use report within the Extended Enterprise module.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Pulls information in real time (does not require a data warehouse refresh)
  • Ability to filter on a particular date range
  • Also generates complete information for zero-dollar transactions when results are grouped by user

5. Curriculum Report

This report includes transcript status information for a curricula and all learning objects within the curricula for a particular set of users.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • One of the few reports that can display user's status for all learning objects inside a curricula
  • Ability to report on training conditions such as Not Activated and Pending Prior Training
  • Display can either be presented in a summarized view (curriculum status only) or detailed view (all learning objects)

6. Performance Review Step Status Report

This report will display the current status of each step within a performance review task. It is very easy to run and share to divisional administrators and managers.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Pulls information in real time (does not require a data warehouse refresh)
  • Also indicates which review steps have been re-opened within the report body
  • Displays the user's ID, Manager Full Name, and any other additional OU

7. Bulk Performance Reviews Report

This report will download up to 500 review PDF documents at once for a performance review task. The results are delivered in a zip folder.

Highlights and Advantages

  • Ability to choose between manager and employee view for the downloaded reviews
  • Ability to report based on a date range, or for only a particular task

8. Individual Competency Ratings Analysis Report

This report is the most powerful report to draw information related to competency assessment. It features over 11 pages of data which include Assessment Comments, Gap Analysis, and a Strengths Summary among other pages.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Report can be configured to extract any number of available pages within the report options
  • Ability to display comments from the Competency task

9. SMP Metric Grid Report

This report generates a 9-Box grid view for any SMP 9-Box and can be viewed at the user interface or in Excel. It is also an excellent report to share with managers.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Ability to calibrate grid position within the report for administrators with the proper position
  • Report delivery within Excel lists the membership of each user within the 9-Box

10. User Record Audit Report

This report is the best report to find when changes were made to a particular user's account, including when they were inserted into the system or when their manager may have changed.

Highlights and Advantages:

  • Only report in the system that returns data based on the user's modification history
  • Ability to see when a user account was created within the system

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