Reporting 2.0 View and Manage All Reports

The transfer ownership tool enables an administrator to view all current reports and to transfer the ownership of a report created in Reporting 2.0 to another user. This can be useful in the following circumstances:

  • The report owner leaves the organization
  • The report owner changes responsibilities

The Transfer ownership page can be accessed via Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core preferences > Reporting 2.0 View and Manage All Reports.

View All Reports

The page is defaulted to show all reports in alphabetical order. The column view includes the following data about each report:

  • Report Title
  • Report ID
  • Create Date
  • Last Modified Date
  • Last Run Date
  • Shared
  • Scheduled
  • Owner
  • Owner Status
  • Owner Email

The columns are not sortable or filterable.

Search by User

The search bar enables you to search by User Ref (Owner) to filter the list. The field is not case sensitive, however a full user id is required.

Transfer Report Ownership

To transfer ownership of a report, select the checkbox for the report, and then select the Transfer Report Ownership button. See Transfer Report Ownership.