Modify Payment Account

The Modify Payment Account page enables administrators to create payment profiles to determine the routing of users' payments. Payment routing methods can be created by associating various attributes to an account. Based on the configuration, funds are directed to the designated merchant account or acquired from the pre-determined cost center. If the criterion exists for more than one payment profile, the profile that appears higher in the list is used.

Modify Payment Account preferences are controlled by a backend setting that is turned off by default. To enable the Modify Payment Account page, contact Global Customer Support.

To access Modify Payment Account preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > E-Commerce > Modify Payment Account.

Feature Description
1 Modify Payment Account Tokenization Custom Fields - To associate users' system information with their Cybersource credit card payment profile, click the Modify Payment Tokenization Custom Fields link. This opens the Modify Payment Tokenization Custom Fields pop-up. See Modify Payment Tokenization Custom Fields.

Enable CVV Validation - This option determines whether or not users are required to enter their credit card's CVV code when purchasing training in their Shopping Cart. The option is checked by default. When checked, users are required to enter a CVV code. When unchecked, users are not required to enter a CVV code.

It is important to note that if the administrator unchecks the Enable CVV validation option, the administrator should ensure that they also configure the CyberSource Business Center settings to match the portal settings.

Note: This option is only applicable to organizations that do not use tokenization to store users' billing profiles, since CVV code validation is required if payment tokenization is used to store billing profiles. If at least one OU (parent or child) in the portal has the Allow users to store credit card information on My Account Billing Profile page option checked in User Payment preferences, then the Enable CVV validation option in Modify Payment Account preferences is checked by default and is not selectable. If payment tokenization is later disabled in such portals, then the Enable CVV validation option remains checked but is selectable.

3 Payment Account - Click the plus icon to create a payment account. To add a payment account, click the Add Payment Account icon to the right of the Payment Account heading. See Create Payment Account.

Modify Payment Account Table - The following information appears for each payment account:

  • Name - This column displays the name of the payment account.
    • Default Payment Account - The default payment account is denoted with the "(Default Account)" text. If a newly created account fails, the payment is processed using the default account. If the default account fails, the entire transaction fails.
  • Active - Check or uncheck the Active option to activate or deactivate the account.

Options - The following options are available:

  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the payment account. This opens the Define Payment Account page.
  • Delete - Click the Trash Can icon to delete the payment account.

Cybersource - Modify Payment Account

Three additional fields are added to the Modify Payment Accounts page when a Cybersource payment account is configured. These fields are only required if a client needs to enable 3D Secure 2.1 support:

  • API Identifier
  • Org Unit ID
  • API Key
  1. Obtain the values for API Identifier, Org Unit ID, and API Key. Values for the three new fields can be found in the CyberSource Business Center. For information about finding these values:
  2. After obtaining the API Identifier, Org Unit ID, and the API Key, input these values into the corresponding fields on the Modify Payment Account page.
  3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save and apply your changes.

Adyen Payment Gateway

The Adyen Payment Gateway payment processor is available for credit card payments. For more information about the Adyen Payment Gateway, See Adyen Payment Gateway.