Create Login Message

The Login Message works with the most commonly used landing pages:

  • Welcome Page
  • Custom Pages
  • Learner Home
  • Other pages that contain “/ui/” in the URL
  • Other pages that contain “/phnx/driver.aspx?” in the URL

To create a login message, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > Login Message. On the Login Message Administration page, select the Create Login Message link.

The process for creating login messages consists of following steps:

Each new login message appears on the Login Message Administration page at the bottom of the ranking. Messages only appear for administrators who have the appropriate permissions and are in the Division in which the message is created.

Important Note: As a best practice, use the Back and Next buttons within the login message steps when creating, copying, or editing a message. Text entered on the Message step may be deleted if you use the left navigation panel to navigate through the steps.