Employee Recognition Preferences

The Employee Recognition Awards page allows users to manage their employee recognition awards.

To manage employee recognition awards select Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > Employee Recognition.

To search for an award by name, enter the award name in the search field and click the Search button. Select the Include Inactive option to also search for inactive awards.

To add an award, click the Add Award link. A pop-up appears where you specify the award name. The character limit for this field is 50. After entering a name, click the Browse button to navigate to an image for the award. Acceptable image file types are jpg, png, bmp, and gif, and the maximum file size is 1 MB. Click Save to save the award, which now appears in the list of awards. A maximum of 250 awards can be created per OU.

To make an award active or inactive, select or deselect the Active option next to the award. Awards are active when this option is selected. When an award is inactive, it is not available for selection within the system.

For each existing activity type, in the Options column you can perform the following actions:

  • Localize - If multi-language is enabled, click the Globe icon to localize the activity type name. This allows you to translate the type name to all available languages. The associated award images cannot be localized.
  • Copy - Click the Copy icon to duplicate the award, which can then be edited to change the title or image.
  • Edit - Click this icon to edit the award name or image. This opens a pop-up where you can modify the name or select another image. Click Save to update your changes.
  • Delete - Click this icon to delete the award. Users who have been given the award can still see the award in their Connect profile, My Team page, and Universal Profile - Feedback page.