Requisition and Applicant Preferences - Compensation Types

Compensation types can be added to display in the Compensation Type field on the General step when creating/editing a job requisition template or job requisition.

To access Requisition and Applicant Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Requisition and Applicant Preferences.

Add Compensation Types

To add compensation types:

  1. Click the Add icon . This opens the Add Compensation Type pop-up.
  2. Enter the compensation type in the Name field, up to 50 characters.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Compensation types display on the job requisition template or job requisition in the order in which they are entered; the order cannot be modified.

The Active box is checked by default and enables the type to display in the Compensation Type drop-down on the General step when creating a job requisition template or a job requisition. If unchecked, the type is hidden from users. Changing the active status only affects future instances of creating/editing job requisition templates or job requisitions.

In the Options column, the following options are available:

  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to open the Edit Compensation Type pop-up and edit the type name. Edits to the name affect all instances of the compensation type currently in use on a job requisition template or job requisition as well as future use of the compensation type, which also impacts reporting. As a best practice, edits to the name should be reserved for minor corrections to spelling or grammar only.
  • Delete - Types can only be deleted if they have not been selected on a job requisition template. Click the Delete icon to delete the compensation type.
  • Translate - If multiple languages are available for your portal, you can click the Translate icon to translate the name into the other available languages, up to 50 characters. If a translation is not available for a user's display language, the name appears in the default language defined by the employment type creator.