Requisition and Applicant Preferences - Application Custom Fields

The Application Custom Fields section enables administrators to add application-level custom fields. Application-level custom fields are created and managed in the Application section of Custom Field Administration.

Note: The visibility of the Application Custom Fields section is controlled by a backend setting. To enable this section to display, contact Global Customer Support.

To access Requisition and Applicant Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Requisition and Applicant Preferences.

Add Application Custom Field

To add a field:

  1. Click the plus icon to the right of the section name. This opens the Select Application Custom Field pop-up.
  2. Select a field from the list. The only fields that display are the fields for which the administrator meets the availability.
  3. Once the field is selected, the pop-up closes. The field appears in the Application Custom Fields table.

Create Custom Field

You can create a new custom field from within the Select Applicant Custom Field pop-up. To create a new custom field, click New Custom Field in the pop-up. This opens the Custom Field Administration > Application > Define Field page. See Application Custom Fields.

Application Custom Fields Table

The following information displays in the table:

  • Name - The name of the custom field.
  • Type - The type of custom field.
  • Required - The Required option is checked by default. When checked, the field is required to be completed. When unchecked, the field is optional.
  • Options - The Options column displays a Delete icon to delete the field. Deleting the field removes it from the table and the Applicant Profile page for the applicant. The field can be re-added at any time by clicking the Add icon and selecting the field from the pop-up.