Development Plan Preferences - Manager Allowances

To modify development plan preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Development Plan Preferences.

The following options are available in the Manager Allowances section:

  • Allow managers to create and assign Development Plans for their subordinates - Select this option to enable the Assignment Selection Criteria option on the Create Development Plan page, enabling managers to create and assign development plans to their subordinates.
  • Allow managers to edit their Development Plans for their subordinates - Select this option to allow managers to edit development plans from the Approve Development Plan page. Deselect this option to prevent managers from modifying their subordinate's plans.
  • Allow managers to approve/deny multiple development plans at once - Select this option to allow managers to approve or deny more than one development plan at a time. Selecting this option also enables the Check All/Uncheck All option on the Approve Development Plans page. If this option is not selected, managers must approve or deny development plans one at a time.
  • Plans must be approved by - Select this option if approval is required for new development plans, edits to existing plans, or to cancel plans. Select the role that is responsible for approving these development plan actions. This person receives an email alert (if the corresponding email is active) when one of these events occurs and an item appears in their Approve Development Plan page. This can be set to the user's Manager, Approver, or a custom role. If manager or approver is selected, this is the manager or approver that is specified in the user's user record. If no one is assigned to this role, these actions are automatically approved. See Security Role - Create. If this option is not selected, then development plans do not need approval and no emails are triggered and sent to the approver role.
    • If this setting is changed (e.g., from manager to a custom role) and there are existing plans pending approval, the old approver is still responsible for approving the plan. The new approver has no knowledge of existing plans pending approval.
    • If the user gets a new manager or if a new person moves into the approver role, the new approver receives an email for any plans still pending approval. The old approver no longer has the ability to approve or deny the plans.