Development Plan Preferences - Development Plan Activity Types

The Activity Types section allows you to manage the administrator-created activity types for development plans. Once an administrator creates activity types on the Activity Types page, they must be added within Development Plan Preferences to make them available within a development plan. See Development Plan Activity Types (Legacy).

To modify development plan preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Development Plan Preferences.

Click the plus icon to the right of the Activity Types heading to add an activity type from the list of administrator-created activity types.

For each activity type, you can click the Trash Can icon next to the type to remove it from the list. If an activity type is removed that is used in a user's development plan, the removed type remains in that development plan. If the default type is removed, the first type in the table is selected as the default.

In the Default column, you can select which activity type is the default. The default activity type is the default type when creating action steps for development plans.