Set SF-182 Preferences - Activate Reasons

The Activate Reasons tab enables administrators to activate and deactivate the approval and denial reasons that are configured in SF-182 Reason Preferences. See SF-182 Reason Preferences. Active reasons appear in the Indicate Reason drop-down on the Approve/Deny SF-182 Request page. Approval and denial reasons are inactive by default.

To activate an approval or denial reason, check the box to the left of the reason. To deactivate a reason, uncheck the box.

Overwrite Settings

Select this option to overwrite custom settings for child division OUs. If you overwrite custom settings for child division OUs, the selected settings are applied to both new and existing child OUs. Any previously customized child OUs are updated with the selected settings.

  • If there are no customizations to the child OU, then the parent OU customizations are applied to all child OUs.
  • Overwrite custom settings checkbox setting
    • If this option is selected, all child OU customizations are deleted from the database, which means the parent OU customizations will be applied to new and existing child OUs.
    • If this option is unselected, all existing child OU customizations will remain unchanged, and any new child OUs will inherit the parent OU customizations by default.
  • If a child OU has been customized to display any widgets, then regardless of the parent OU customizations, the child OU customizations are applied.
  • If a child OU has been customized to hide all widgets, then parent OU customizations will take precedence and will be applied.

Once all preferences are set, click Save. Preference settings are not saved unless you click Save. This returns you to the Preferences page.

Or, to set preferences for another SF-182 Preferences tab before saving, click the tab name and configure the preferences. Then, click Save.