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MS Lync Preferences

This page enables administrators to specify the username and password that is used to communicate with the MS Lync server. In addition, administrators must specify the API Endpoint that is used to integrate with MS Lync.

To manage MS Lync Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences. Then, click the MS Lync Preferences link in the ILT Preferences section.

MS Lync Portal Preferences - Manage Grants ability to manage MS Lync Preferences, including the API username, password, and endpoint for integration with Microsoft (MS) Lync. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration

MS Lync Preferences

In order to integrate the system with MS Lync, organizations must create an account on their MS Lync Active Directory that will be used solely for the integrations. The email address and password for this account is used as the username and password for the API.

Enter the following information:

  • MS Lync Username - Enter the username that will be used to communicate with the MS Lync server. When launching MS Lync sessions using the web client, the MS Lync username is displayed as part of the URL.
  • Password - Enter the password that is associated with the username that will be used to communicate with the MS Lync server.
  • API Endpoint - Enter the API endpoint to integrate with MS Lync. This will be in the form of The endpoint must be configured to be discoverable via the Internet. Contact your IT department to determine and configure your API endpoint.

Save or Cancel

Click Save to save the MS Lync settings. If all information is entered correctly, the system will automatically perform the integration. Or, click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes.

After configuring the MS Lync preferences, administrators must then add instructors. Once instructors are added, organizations can begin creating MS Lync events and sessions.


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