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Curricula Preferences

The Curricula Preferences page enables administrators to configure whether or not a learning object (LO) can be added to multiple recurring curricula.

To manage Curricula Preferences page, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Curricula Preferences.

The following option is available:

  • Allow recurring curriculum to have learning objects in common with other recurring curricula - When this option is selected, a LO can be added to more than one recurring curricula. When this option is not selected, the system prevents administrators from saving a recurring curriculum that contains a LO that exists within another recurring curriculum.
    • This preference only impacts curricula that are created or modified after the preference is modified. For example, this option is selected and multiple curricula are created which contain one or more of the same LOs. Later, this option is deselected. The existing recurring curricula continue to contain the same LOs. However, if one of the recurring curricula is modified, then the new preference setting is enforced, and the LO that appears in other recurring curricula must be removed before the curriculum can be saved.
    • The availability of this preference is controlled by a backend setting. If the backend setting is disabled, this preference is no longer available to be modified. However, the preference setting is still enforced.
    • There is no need to enable this setting if your organization does not use recurrence functionality, or if there is no need to share LOs between multiple recurring curricula.
    • Enabling this preference adds a layer of complexity to the portal, as the preference cannot be constrained. If enabled, any administrator with the ability to create curricula can create curricula with LOs in common with other recurring curricula.


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