Conversion Rates

The Conversion Rates Table allows the administrator to set currency conversion rates for all currencies they support. The combination of each column places settings that will be applied to the system where pricing and transactions are involved. A Cornerstone default rate (CORNERSTONE RATE column), which is hard coded in Dollar (USD) $ amounts will be applied throughout the system unless changed by the administrator at this screen.

  1. Go to Admin page
  2. Click Preferences link
  3. Click Conversion Rates link under Billing Preferences
  4. CURRENCY - lists the name of the currency and the three-letter abbreviation for world currencies
  5. SYMBOL- displays the currency symbol
  6. FIX - allows administrator to enter a rate that will applied throughout the system for this selected currency. If not checked, it will default to rate under Cornerstone Rate column.
    1. Click Edit icon to apply a different currency rate
    2. Enter rate amount
    3. Click Save icon
  7. CLIENT RATE 1 USD = - displays the currency rate in relation to 1 USD. Note: any currency rate changes that were saved will be displayed by clicking on the corresponding History icon.
  8. CORNERSTONE RATE - displays a hard coded default currency rate that will apply throughout the system
  9. LAST UPDATED - displays the date and time a currency rate was last updated
  10. HISTORY - click History icon to view the history of changes