Position Management - View Relationships

Use the Relationships tab to view Parent and Subordinate relationships for a Position.

To access the Relationships tab:

  1. Select the Positions tab.
  2. Select the appropriate Position.
  3. Navigate to the Organizational Structure section and select the Relationships tab.

Position Relation Field

The Position Relation drop-down lets you select the Position reporting hierarchy. Options are Direct or Functional.

Parent Position Overview Area

The Parent Position overview section provides an overview of information for the selected parent position, including the effective date, name of the parent position, the primary incumbent, other incumbents, and Notes, if available.

Add Parent Position Button

Adds a new Parent Position.

Position Status Table

The Position Status table contains the following fields:

  • Effective Date - The effective date of the parent position assignment.
  • End date - The unassign date of the parent position assignment.
  • Parent Position - The assigned parent position title.
  • Primary Incumbent - The assigned primary employee for this parent position.

Edit/Delete Links

  • Edit allows modification of a parent or subordinate relationship.
  • Delete removes of a parent or subordinate relationship.