Position Management - View Position Status and FTE Information

Use the Position Status and FTE Information section to view status information for a selected Position.

To access the Position Status tab:

  1. Select the Positions tab.
  2. In the Position Status and FTE Information section, select the Position Status tab.

Position Status Overview Area

The Position Status overview area provides an overview of status information for the selected Position, including the effective date, current status, and FTE value. Notes appear if available.

Add Position Status Button

Adds a new position status to the selected Position.

Position Status Table

The Position Status table contains the following fields:

  • Effective Date - The effective date of the position status.
  • Position Status: The status of the assignment based on the Effective Date. Options are History, Current, or Planned.
  • Status - The position status. Changing the position status to inactive deactivates the selected position.
  • FTE - The full-time equivalent (FTE) value for the position.
  • Edit link - Edit the position status.
  • Delete link - Delete the position status. You cannot delete an item if it is the only item in the table.

Position FTE Overview Tab

The Position FTE Overview tab displays the FTE values for the selected Position. This information is read-only.

This tab also displays information for unbalanced FTE. The Position FTE Overview identifies over- and under utilization for the selected Position and displays information for unbalanced FTE. The Position is currently under- or overutilized if calculated "Remaining FTE In This Position” in not 0.

Edit/Delete Position Status

  • Edit allows modification of a job assignment.
  • Delete removes of a job assignment.