Position Management - Manage Positions

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Add a Position
  • Edit Position general information
  • Edit Position details
  • Delete a Position

Add a Position

You can add new Positions at any time.

To add a Position:

  1. Select the Positions tab.
  2. Select Add Position.
  3. In the Details section, complete the following fields:
    • Title - The position title. This is a required field.
    • Position ID - The unique identifier for this position. This is a required field.
    • Description -The short description of this position, if necessary.
  4. In the Status section, complete the following fields:
    • Effective Date - The effective date for the position status. This is a required field that applies to all assignments.
    • Active - The status of the Position. The default is active.
    • Multiple Incumbents Allowed - Select this box if this position allows multiple people in this position at the same time; clear the box if this position does not allow multiple incumbents.
    • FTE - The Full Time Equivalent (FTE) value for this position. The default value is 1.00000.
  5. In the Job Assignment section, search for and select a Job related to this position. A position must be assigned to a job.
  6. In the Organizational Units section, search for and select the appropriate options:
    • Division - The Division for this position.
    • Grade - The Grade for this position.
    • Location - The Location for this position.
    • Cost Center - The Cost Center for this position.
  7. Click Save. The new position is saved and is listed on the Positions tab.

Edit Position General Information

To edit Position general information:

  1. In the Position Title column, select the position you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit Position Details and edit the necessary fields.
  3. Select Save.

Delete a Position

You can delete any active position.

Note: You cannot delete a Position that is currently or will be assigned to an Employee. All current and future Employee assignments must be removed before you can delete the Position.

To delete a position:

  1. In the Position Title column, select the position you want to delete.
  2. Select Delete Position. The selected position and all related information is deleted and no longer appears in the Positions table.