Position Management -Positions Overview

In Position Management, a Position is a role or responsibility in the organization with a place in the hierarchy that includes organizational units (OUs). Each Position has a multilingual title, a unique ID and must have an assigned Job.

It is possible to associate and manage information for a specific Position that is independent of the individual Employee filling that role.

The following applies to Positions:

  • Positions in a company are filled by individual employees or users.
  • Although a Position can have multiple incumbents, it normally has only one single incumbent. (One Employee per Position).
  • An Employee can be assigned to multiple Positions, but only one primary Position.(Primary Incumbency).
  • A Position can be assigned to multiple Employees, but only one primary Employee.(Primary Incumbent).
  • A Position remains, even when the employee leaves the Position.
  • Each Position must be assigned to a Job. It is not possible to assign a Position to multiple Jobs.
  • Reporting relationships (Manager and Subordinates) and assignments to different types of Organization Units can be defined for each Position.