Position Management - View Organizational Structure

The Organization Structure section provides the current Organizational Structure information of a selected Position.

To access Organizational Structure section:

  1. Select the Positions tab.
  2. Select the appropriate Position Title.
  3. Navigate to the Organizational Structure section.

Overview tab

The Overview tab displays the current organizational structure of the selected Position.

The following information displays:

  • Job
  • Parent Position (Direct)
  • Parent Position (Functional)
  • Division
  • Grade
  • Cost Center
  • Location
  • Function

Job Assignment tab

View, add, edit, and delete job assignments for this position.

Hierarchy tab

View the current Parent Position and Subordinate positions for the direct or functional reporting line. This tab is read-only.

The Hierarchy tab contains the following information:

  • Position Relation - Displays the selected reporting line. Options are Direct or Functional.
  • Overview section - Displays overview Parent Position and Positions Reporting to specific Positions.

Relationships tab

View, add, edit, and delete Parent Positions and Subordinate Positions.

Organizational Units tab

View past, current, and future custom OU assignments for this position. You can also add, edit, and delete OU assignments.