Position Management - Manage Job Assignments

Use the Job Assignments tab to manage assignments for a Position.

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Add a Job Assignment
  • Edit a Job Assignment
  • Delete a Job Assignment

To access the Position Status tab:

  1. Select the Positions tab.
  2. Select the appropriate Position Title.
  3. In the Organizational Structure section, select the Job Assignment tab.

Add a Job Assignment

To add a job assignment:

  1. Select Add Job Assignment.
  2. On the Add Job Assignment screen, complete the following:
    • Effective Date - The date the job assignment starts.
    • Job - The title of the job.
    • Notes - Additional information. Notes appear in the overview section.
  3. Select Add. The job assignment is added.

Edit a Job Assignment

To edit a job assignment, select Edit for the appropriate assignment, edit the appropriate fields, then select Save.

Delete a Job Assignment

To delete a job assignment, select Delete for the appropriate assignment and select Confirm on the confirmation panel. Note:Each Position must always have a current assigned Job.