Position Management - Organizational Unit Overview

In Position Management, Organizational Units support multiple hierarchies of organization (Unit Types) and units to reflect the organizational structure. Essential organizational information is maintained and controlled in Position Management and certain organizational unit types are no longer directly connected to the User record.

The organization structure tree presents a hierarchical view of information that displays a master tree (Organizational Units) and the details for the currently selected Unit to support different levels of the organizational structure. All Organizational Unit types can be managed in a hierarchical structure by defining parent and child associations. Each Unit can have a parent Unit and a number of child Units.

When you use Organizational Units (OU), you must first select which Organizational Unit Type you want to manage.

The following OU types are available for Positions:

  • Cost Center
  • Division
  • Grade
  • Location

The following OU type is available for Jobs: Function

The following options are available:

  • Organizational Unit Type - View the configured Hierarchy for the selected Organizational Unit Type.
  • Effective Date - View the configured Organizational Hierarchy for a selected Effective Date.

To manage organization unit types for the system, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Organizational Units.