Position Management - View Organizational Units

Organizational Units support multiple hierarchies of Organizational Unit (OU)types and units that reflect the organizational structure.

The organization structure tree presents a hierarchical view of information. For each unit, a master OU tree displays and the details for the currently selected Unit to support different levels of the organizational structure. All OU types can be managed in a hierarchical structure by defining parent and child associations. Each Unit can have a parent unit and a number of child units.

To access Organizational Units, select the Organizational Units tab.

Organizational Unit Types

Select an OU type to view the configured hierarchy for the selected OU type.

The following are OU types for Positions:

  • Cost Center
  • Division
  • Grade
  • Location
  • Custom Position OU Types

Available OU Types for Jobs:

  • Function
  • Custom Job OU Types

See See Position Management – Custom OU Types .

Effective Date

View the configured organizational hierarchy for the selected date.

Search Units

Search for a specific unit by name or ID.

All Units

Displays all units created for the selected Organizational Unit Type on the specified Effective Date.

Selecting the > next to a unit displays unit details.