Position Management - Jobs Overview

In Position Management, a Job is a group of multiple positions that share similar duties, responsibilities, and qualifications. Each Job has a multilingual title, a unique ID and may have a collection of Positions assigned to it.

It is possible to administrate general information or requirements on the Job level and to inherit this automatically to all assigned Positions.

The following applies to Jobs:

  • Jobs are not concrete but rather the basis for the creation of various Positions with similar tasks and characteristics.
  • Jobs are used to group several related Positions together so that certain types of information and general characteristics can be defined on the Job level and then inherited by all assigned Positions.
  • A Position must always be related to a Job. Jobs serve as the layer for attributes that apply to all associated Positions.
  • Employees are not directly assigned to Jobs. The Job information can be pushed to Users through Position assignments.
  • A functional structure can be defined for each Job.
  • It is not possible to specify the Parent Job for each Job and to set up a Job hierarchy.