Position Management- Company Chart

The Company Chart tab displays a position-based hierarchical view of all parent position relationships that show the structure of the organization. The Company Chart is always a full reflection of the Position Hierarchy and always shows all available Positions, including inactive and vacant Positions.

Note: Positions that have no hierarchical relationship No Parent And No Subordinate Position) are automatically excluded and not displayed in the chart view.

To access the Company Chart, open Position Management and select the Company Chart tab.


You can search for a Position or Incumbent. Enter a date to view the position hierarchy for a selected effective date.

Direct/Functional Tabs

  • The Direct tab displays the Position Hierarchy for the direct position reporting.
  • The Function tab displays the Position Hierarchy for the functional position reporting.

Hierarchy Chart

Administrators can select a box that opens a flyout that displays position details for the selected position. Selecting a specific Position Incumbent, displays the Employee details.