Headcount Planning - Overview

Headcount Planning enables efficient, enterprise-wide collaboration to identify the number and mix of employees that will be needed to achieve the organization’s business objectives in the future. Headcount Planning controls access to sensitive information, includes built-in versioning and error tracking, and provides a seamless approval and consolidation workflow. The interface is designed specifically for the headcount planning process, rather than having to use a generalized spreadsheet.

Headcount Planning utilizes Position Management and requires accurate position instance data about the organization, including all active position instances and any relationships between those position instances, as well as all position instance attributes and any relationships between those attributes. This data will represent the baseline on which plans are created. Any changes to position instance data can be updated via a scheduled data feed or a data load.

The Subplanning functionality of Workflow Planning enables large-scale collaboration on headcount planning in an orderly and efficient way. Planning headcount for an organization requires input from many people in order to be accurate, but collaborating can be a logistical difficulty. In the Planning tool today, Human Resources leaders would have to create multiple smaller plans for each area of the organization, and then combine them at the very end in order to create a comprehensive, organization-wide plan.

With Subplanning, you can break up very large headcount plans into smaller plans for managers at lower levels, complete with a streamlined workflow from assignment to approval. You can then consolidate the smaller plans back into the larger plan. This allows you to have contributions from frontline managers, which creates a more accurate and realistic headcount plan.

All Headcount Planning pages display in the language defined in the Display Language field on the user's user record.

Note: This functionality is available by request at an additional cost. Contact your Client Executive for additional information.


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