Headcount Plan - Targets

From the Targets page, planners can provide a target annual cost budget within the plan by entering the budget targets on the Targets page. Providing subplanners with budget targets helps them to create plans that better fit within the organization's headcount goals.

To access the Targets page, go to Planning > Headcount Planning. On the Headcount Planning page, click the Go to Plan button for the appropriate plan. Click the Targets button.

Target Scorecard Boxes

For multi-year plans, a series of boxes appears above the plan table. The boxes display the Assigned by You and Assigned to You targets. The bottom number represents the difference between the target values.

A bar chart also displays, showing each year of the plan displayed with the At Target, In Plan, and Baseline values.

Plan Table - Baseline

The Baseline column reflects the organization as it existed at the time of the snapshot (i.e., when the plan was created). The monthly cost of those existing positions is multiplied by 12 to get a projected annual cost if nothing were to change in the plan.

You cannot manually change these values.

Plan Table - Plan Years

The additional columns display each year of the plan. In each column, you can enter the annual budget cost target by clicking into the column.

Once changes are made, they are immediately visible by the subplanners.

When entering target values, the value can be greater or less than the total annual target.