Review Task Central - Bulk Sign Off

Use the Task Central Bulk Actions Sign Off tab to save time by allowing signers to sign off on multiple steps in a single review task.

To use the bulk sign-off feature, the review step must include a sign off section and the electronic signature must be enabled for the signer. See Create Review Section - Sign Off.

To use this functionality, Review Task Central must be activated. See Activating Review Task Central.

Bulk sign-off is not available for self-review, peer, or subordinate review steps.

A maximum of 1000 records will be displayed in the table at one time. As records are signed-off and automatically removed from the table, new records may appear, if necessary.

Enable Bulk Sign Off

To enable bulk sign off:

  2. Select the Review Workflow tab for the appropriate review.
  3. In the Define Review Step section, check Enable Bulk Signoff for this Review Step. Note: This checkbox is only visible if a sign-off section is added and the sign-off section has e-sign enabled.

Bulk Sign Off Review of Review Tasks

To submit bulk sign off review tasks:

  1. Go to Performance > Performance Reviews.
  2. In the reviewer view, in the Review Actions menu, select the bulk action icon. The Bulk Actions page opens to display all bulk actions available to the reviewer.
  3. Click the Sign Off tab.
  4. In the Assigned step drop-down, select an option to enable the selection check-boxes.
  5. Click one or more reviews to sign off on or search for specific assignees.
  6. Click Sign Off Reviews.
  7. In the confirmation window, in the Your first and last name box, enter your name. If you need to edit the signature, click Re-Sign and re-enter the information.
  8. Click Sign Off. Note: If an error message appears, go back and make the appropriate changes and attempt to sign-off again.
  9. Click Close on the confirmation message.

Note: Bulk Sign-off only signs off on the reviews. To submit the reviews, click the Submit tab.