Review Task Central - Bulk Reopen

Use the Task Central Bulk Reopen page to reopen and resubmit a review step for one or more reviewees at the same time and provide a reason for reopening the step.

Bulk reopen supports up to 1,000 users per bulk reopen action.

Note: Only one step can be opened at a time. Comments about why a step is reopened are visible in Review Task Central.

To use this functionality, Review Task Central must be enabled. See Activating Review Task Central.

Enabling Bulk Reopen

To enable bulk reopen:

  1. Go to Admin > Tools > PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT > TASKS.
  2. Select the edit icon for the appropriate review and then select the Review Workflow tab .
  3. In the Review Step section, check Allow the Reopener (Manager, Indirect Manager, and any Custom Relationships to reopen steps.

Submitting Bulk Reopen

To bulk reopen steps:

  2. Select a task and in the Options column, select the ellipsis, and then select Bulk Reopen. The Bulk Reopen page opens.
  3. Select a step or search for a step and select it.
  4. Click the check-boxes for one or more users.
  5. Click the Reopen Step button. A Reopen Step window opens.
  6. In the Comments box, enter the reason for reopening this step.
  7. Click the Reopen step button. The reopen information is displayed in the Bulk Reopen table, including the comment and reopened due date.

Once processing is done, a success message, a partial success message, or a failed message appears.

  • If successful, the step is reopened and the comment is displayed for the appropriate assignees in Task Central.
  • If the bulk reopen was partially successful or not successful, you are returned to the bulk submit page to correct any errors and submit again.

Note: During bulk action processing, the reviewer cannot navigate away from the Bulk Actions page.

Note: Bulk reopen is enabled per step and cannot be enabled or disabled once a task is started.