Performance Review Task Categories - Overview

The Performance Review Task Categories page enables administrators to create and manage performance review task categories. After a category is created, performance review tasks can be associated with the category, which enables administrators to efficiently organize and filter review tasks.

Use Case: An organization conducts career interview reviews between employees and HR partners. The administrator creates a performance review task category titled Career Interview. During performance review task administration, the administrator creates an off-cycle review and selects Career Interview from the category drop-down.

To view Performance Review Task Categories, go to Admin > Tools > performance Management > Task Categories.

The following options are available:

  • Add Category - Click the Add Category link to add a new performance review task category. This opens the Add Category pop-up. In the Name field, enter the category name. The character limit is 100. Click Save. The new category appears in the Categories table in alphabetical order.
  • Categories - The following information displays for each category:
    • Name - This column displays the category name. Categories are displayed in alphabetical order by name.
    • Active - This column displays the active status of the category. Categories are active by default. Check or uncheck the box and click Save to activate or deactivate the category. If the category is inactive, it cannot be associated with a performance review task. Any task currently associated with the inactive category remains associated with the category.
  • Options - The following options are available in the Options column:
    • Translate - If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, select the Translate icon to translate the field into other available languages.
    • Delete - Click the Delete icon to delete the category. This option is not available if a performance review task has been associated with the category. A deleted category cannot be restored.