Assigning Step to Peer Group or Direct Reports

Assigning a task to Direct Reports assigns the task to all active direct reports for the employee being reviewed. If new users are added to the group after the step is assigned, they do not receive the task. If a user is removed from the group after receiving the task but before completing the step, they lose the task.

Assigning a task to an internal peer group assigns the task to all active users inside that peer group. Non-approved peers do not receive the task. If new users enter the group, they do not receive the task. If a user exits the group after receiving the task, they lose the task.

When assigning tasks to subordinates and peers, the rules for multiple submissions and due dates are the same as with any other relationships. If multiple submissions are allowed, each user is allowed to submit multiple times independently of each other and the step is not complete until the expiration date.

When a performance review task step is assigned to a peer group or direct report, a Reviewer Selection step is added to the review workflow. This step is set to be step 1 and this cannot be changed. Other steps can also be step 1 as long as it is not the peer/subordinate step that is dependent on the Reviewer Selection step. If more than one group step allows for reviewer selection (for example, a direct manager is selecting users for a peer review step and a direct report step), the reviewer selection steps are consolidated into one. The only option available for a Reviewer Selection step is the date selection. You cannot, edit, copy, view sections, or delete. In the date selection, there is no option to Deny submission after Due Date. This option is always true for a Reviewer Selection step. If the step is not completed by the due date, all users are selected. As with any step assigned to a manager, the Reviewer Selection step can be delegated to a co-planner.

If a review step is assigned to peers or subordinates, it appears on the Scheduled Tasks page and in the My Tasks widget on the Welcome Page.