Create Review Section - Skill Assessment

Use the Skill Assessment type to integrate a user's skills profile into performance reviews and update the skills profile as part of a performance review task.

This allows a user's skill proficiency to be rated from within a review and allows the manager or user to add custom questions to the Skills Review section.

Once enabled, the Skills Assessment section can be assigned to Self, Manager, a Custom Relationship, or Peer.

  • Reviewees can provide context for skills development over the review period, update their declared skills and proficiencies, identify areas of interest for further growth, and explore related learning.
  • Reviewers can view a reviewee’s skills profile, rate their proficiency, provide context or comments around skill development, and explore related learning.

Note: Task Central must be activated to view the Skills Assessment type. See Activating Review Task Central.

Note: It is not possible to add step weight to the Skill Assessment Form Section.

To create a skill assessment review section, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Form Sections. Then, Click the Create Review Section link.

To create a Skill Assessment section:

  1. In the Name field, enter a name that helps identify the section. The character limit for this field is 50. If multiple languages are available for the portal, the section name can be localized by clicking the Translate icon to the right of the field.
  2. In the Type field, select Skill Assessment from the drop-down list.


  • Directions - Enter directions that appear to the reviewers at the top of the performance review section. The character limit for this field is 3000 characters. To see a list of available tags that can be used in the directions, click the View Employee Custom Tags link. When utilized in the directions, the tags are automatically replaced with a hyperlink on the review form, similar to the way email tags work. HTML can be used. The system only accepts certain customizable HTML elements in the WYSIWYG Editor. Elements that are not acceptable display as text. See Safe Listed Customizable Elements. If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, select the Translate icon to translate the field into other available languages.
  • Category - Select the appropriate category from the drop-down.


To add custom questions to the section, click the Questions button to open the Add Questions window. From the Add Questions window, select an existing question from the question bank or create a new question. The character limit for questions is 2000. Click Done when you are done selecting questions.

Skills Components

To add skill components from the Universal Profile to this section, click the Skills Components button to open the Add Skill Components window. Select the appropriate skills. Click Done when you are done adding skill components.

Questions and Skills Components Table

All selected questions and skills appear in the Questions and Skill Components table. Reorder the items using the up and down arrows.

Custom Fields

This section displays the custom fields that are included in the section. To add a custom field, in the Custom Fields section, click the Add Custom Fields link. The Select Fields pop-up opens. Note: The Custom Fields section is only available if the administrator has availability to at least one custom field.

Click the option box to the left of the field title to select the field. You can also search for a custom field by title using the Search field. Note: Only custom fields that are available to the user appear in the list. After selecting the appropriate custom fields, click Save. Up to 100 custom fields can be selected.

  • After custom fields are added to the review form section, you can reorder them by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate order.
  • Select the Required option to require users to complete the custom field.
  • Click the Remove icon to remove any custom fields from the section.

When editing a review section that already contains custom fields, all custom fields that have been added to the section appear to the administrator, regardless of the availability of the custom fields. Administrators can also reorder or delete any fields that have been added to the section, regardless of the availability of the custom fields.

Custom fields that are added to the review section only appear to the reviewer or reviewee in the review if they are within the availability of the custom field.


Click Save to save the selected questions and skill components. Selected options appear in the appropriate section in the end user's Performance Review.

The Skills Review section appears as a skills section in the user's Performance Review.