Create Review Section - Competency Assessment

Competency Assessment review sections allow administrators to include a competency assessment in a performance review task and can be used in standard and off-cycle performance review tasks. When a competency assessment is included in a performance review, the competency assessment cannot be completed offline.

Note: When utilizing competency ratings in Career Profile or Talent Search, competency ratings from competency assessment tasks and Competency Assessment performance review sections are available because they both use the rating scale from the competency model. However, competency ratings from Competency Rating performance review sections are not available because they use the performance review section rating scale.

In order to include a performance review-based competency assessment task in a performance review, you must create a competency assessment review section. This review section can then be added to a performance review task.

To create a performance review section, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Form Sections. Then, click the Create Review Section link.

In the Name field, enter a name that helps identify the section. The character limit for this field is 50. If multiple languages are available for the portal, the section name can be localized by clicking the Translate icon to the right of the field.

In the Type field, select Competency Assessment from the drop-down list.


  • Directions - Enter directions that appear to the reviewers at the top of the performance review section. The character limit for this field is 3000 characters. To see a list of available tags that can be used in the directions, click the View Employee Custom Tags link. When utilized in the directions, the tags are automatically replaced with a hyperlink on the review form, similar to the way email tags work. HTML can be used. The system only accepts certain customizable HTML elements in the WYSIWYG Editor. Elements that are not acceptable display as text. See Safe Listed Customizable Elements. If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, select the Translate icon to translate the field into other available languages.
  • Category - Select the appropriate category from the drop-down.

Competency Assessment

Click the pop-up icon to select a performance review-based competency assessment from the list of active performance review-based competency assessments.

To remove a selected competency assessment, click the Trash Can icon to the right of the competency assessment name.

Rating Scale

  • Display/Hide Rating Scale - Select whether the competency assessment review section should display or hide the rating scale. When the rating scale is displayed, a Question Mark icon appears to the right of the rating scale, which reviewers can click to view the ratings and their definitions.
  • Display Scores to End Users - Select this option to display the user's competency assessment rating score in the Ratings tab of the performance review.

In the context of the Competency Assessment review section, Rating Scale denotes the question mark icon .

  • If you select Hide Rating Scale, the rating scale in the competency assessment review section is hidden, thereby disabling reviewers from viewing the ratings and their definitions.
  • Alternatively, if you select Display Rating Scale and the Display Scores to End User option, the rating scale with a question mark icon will appear in the competency assessment review section, enabling reviewers and reviewees to access the ratings and learn their definitions by clicking on the icon.


Click the Save button to save the performance review section.