Validation Method - Define Default

The Default Method scales allow the administrator to set up a standard method scale that would be used for most checklists.

To define a default validation method, click the Define Default Validation Method link from the Observation Checklist Administration page.

Exclude Method Selection from Checklist

Selecting the Exclude Method Selection from Checklist option prevents users from being able to choose a method when creating an observation checklist. If this option is selected users do not see a method of validation column on the associated checklist or the details of a competency. Verifiers do not see or have the ability to select a method of verification on the Competency Details page. When reporting on this checklist, a method value will not appear in reporting associated with competencies in this checklist.

Number of Methods

In the Number of Methods field, enter the number of different verification methods that should be defined. This indicates the number of methods that should be available to the verifier. Click Apply to make the methods available for creation. The maximum number of methods is 15.

Character Limit

The character limit for a method name is 25 characters and the character limit for a method description is 100 characters.

Ordering the Methods

Drag and drop the methods to determine the order in which they display.


All methods must be defined before the administrator can translate those methods using the language drop-down. If the administrator does not translate the methods, a task that is created in another language displays the methods defined for the default language.