Test Scores Review - Custom Test Report

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone has begun deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" as of August 2022, continuing with the November '22 Release. See Deprecation of Custom Reports - Phase 2.

This custom multi-module report can be used to review user test scores.

Fields to Select

Section Field
User Full Name
Transcript Completion Date
Test Attempt Date
Attempt Number
Attempt Score


section Field
Sort by Test Title
Then by User Full Name
Then by Test Attempt Number


Field Operator Value Outcome
Title Is equal to Enter the training title Include the Title field as a filter and select "is equal to" to limit report results to a specific test. Define the test title by entering the exact title in the value field. This will allow you to build the report around a specific learning object.
Desired OU(s) Various Various Select this filter to limit report results to a single or multiple OUs, or, choose not to use a filter if you want to review all results.

Schedule Report

Field Entry
Title As desired.
Share Report Set availability of report as desired. Report results will adhere to each user's constraints for Custom Test Reports – View permission.
Schedule Report If desired, set the report to automatically refresh and update the data on a set schedule. This is useful when running a report daily, weekly, or monthly.
Report Delivery Report Delivery options are only available if the report is set to run on a recurring basis. Select to send a copy of the report to your stored email address every time it runs or to deliver a copy of the report to drop off location set up in Report Delivery Preferences.

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