Talent Conference Helicopter View - Calibrate Ratings

Users are positioned in the Talent Conference Helicopter View's grid based on their succession ratings. Each position in the grid corresponds with a specific combination of succession ratings.

Depending on the succession template's configuration, moderators may be able to calibrate a user's succession ratings by dragging and dropping the user's icon to a different cell within the grid.

  • When configuring the succession template, administrators can configure whether calibration is allowed along the x-axis (i.e., horizontally), the y-axis (i.e., vertically), or both.
  • If there are any limitations on a moderator's ability to calibrate users, these limitations are displayed at the top of the grid.

After an employee's icon is moved, an asterisk is added to the user's icon to indicate that it has been moved. Important: A calibration is not finalized until the calibration is recorded.

See Talent Conference Helicopter View - Record Calibration.