Edit Job Board Cost

Job board costs are requisition level costs. If the organization uses Broadbean to post jobs to external job boards, then the job board costs are tracked by the system. The costs are automatically updated in the Requisition Level Costs table on the Cost Details tab of the Requisition Snapshot.

When editing job board costs that are associated with Broadbean, the Edit Requisition Level Cost pop-up displays different fields than when editing job board costs that are not associated with Broadbean. To open the Edit Requisition Level Cost pop-up, click the Edit icon in the Options column of the Requisition Level Costs table.

Field Description
Cost Title This field displays the title of the cost.
Refresh Click the Refresh icon in the upper-right corner of the pop-up to get the most current value for the cost that is incurred through Broadbean. Clicking Refresh only applies to job board costs that have not been edited by the user. Refresh does not overwrite job board costs that have been edited by a user.
Job Board This field displays the name of the job board that is associated with the cost. The "Other" job board is a miscellaneous job board cost. This field has a value of zero by default. Note: If a requisition is posted multiple times through Broadbean, each posting displays as a single line item in the Requisition Level Costs table, with the cost added to the cost for any existing Broadbean postings. The postings do not display in the table as separate costs.
Amount This field displays the amount of the cost. The cost value for each job board is automatically updated by the system. The value can be edited by entering a different numerical value in the field. The value can include either a decimal point or comma. The maximum character limit is 13 numbers. If the Amount field is blank when the modifications are saved, the value for the amount is zero by default. Note: The character limit does not count the decimal point or comma.
Currency The currency that displays to the right of the amount is the requisition currency.

If the cost of the job board posting has a different currency than the requisition, then this results in a currency inconsistency. See Currency Inconsistencies.

Date Incurred This field displays the date on which the requisition was posted to the job boards. The date can be edited by selecting a different date using the Calendar icon or entering a different date in the field. This field cannot be blank.
Add Comment Enter a comment in the Add Comment field. It is a recommended best practice to enter a comment that explains the modification to the cost. The field accepts up to 200 characters.

Once all changes have been made, click Save. The cost is updated in the Requisition Level Costs table. The modification history for the cost is also updated.

Click Cancel to cancel the modifications to the cost.