Manage Candidates - Manage Email Templates

Administrators can configure email templates that Recruiters can select on the Manage Candidates page to send email to candidates. Templates include a customized subject and message for a template. When Recruiters select an email template on the Manage Candidates page, the Subject field and Message to candidate area pre-populate based on the selected template.

You can also use Email Tags in these templates. See See Email Tags.

Administrators can create, edit, delete email templates, and save templates in more than one language.

To access the email template, go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > Email Templates.

Creating or editing an email template

To create or edit an email template:

  1. Select one of the following:
    • To create a new email template, select the Create Email Template button. The Create an email template using the fields below page opens.
    • To edit an email template, select Edit for the appropriate item..
  2. Complete or edit the following fields:
    • Category - Select the appropriate category.
    • Template Active - Check this box if you want this template to be visible and usable.
    • Language - Select the appropriate language. If you want to save this template in more than one language, see Saving Email Templates in Another Language.
    • Title - Enter the title of this template.
    • Description - Enter a description for this template.
    • Subject - Enter the email subject that appears by default when a Recruiter selects this template.
    • From Address -Email information for the sender.
    • From - Name of the sender.
    • Reply To Address - The email address to respond to.
    • Reply To Display Name - The name to respond to.
    • Message - Enter the email message that appears by default when a Recruiter selects this template. You can use html source code to send email and the Rich Text Editor (RTE) to preview email and view source code.
  3. Click Save. You are returned to the Configure Email Templates page.

Deleting Email Templates

Use the Configure Email Templates page to access the edit or delete functionality.

  1. Select the ellipses for the appropriate email template. The options menu appears.
  2. To delete a template, select Delete. On the confirmation message, click Delete. The selected template is deleted and no longer visible or available for use.

Saving Email Templates in Another Language

You can save templates in more than one language. Create templates in the default language first, then additional languages as necessary.

Note: List of templates display based on logged in user’s language. If a template is not configured in user's language then the Title of the template displays in the default language.​

To save email templates in another language:

When creating or editing an email template, click the Save and add another language button, complete the required fields, and click Save or Save and add another language as appropriate.